Wednesday, January 12, 2011

CHAPTER ONE, in which Tom beats on a well-dressed boy he’s just met

Chapter One of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer online
(In each post, we will include the link to the chapter's online text at Project Gutenberg.)

Your mission for Chapter One:
Go to this website.  Find the answer to this question:

In the 1850s, well-dressed young boys often wore two pieces of clothing that we might consider female garments today.  Look for the pictures of kids on the website: what are the two garments?

Remember to post your answers here in the Comment Box. When we have 5 correct responses, we'll post the next chapter quest.  You'll need to keep track of the correct answer to each chapter's quest to solve the riddle and have a chance to win the Big Read Super Reader Prize!

(Check out our very first post from January 7 to find out more about The Big Read blog and The Picket Fence prize!)


  1. I'm going to lose interest waiting for more people to comment so that we can move on :D

  2. Hang in there, Jennifer! It's taking a little while to catch on. It's kind-of a new thing for a lot of people. What chapter are you on?

  3. This blog is great! I hope some more folks will start contributing to it now that the play has opened.