Saturday, April 2, 2011

CHAPTER THIRTY-FIVE, in which Huck agrees to be respectable

CHAPTER THIRTY-FIVE on Project Gutenberg

Tom draws his understanding of pirates and robbers from sensational stories in “dime novels.” As the name suggests, these were cheap paperbacks; they originated across the sea in Britain as “penny dreadfuls,” indicating how cheap they were and how low-brow they were considered to be. 

Your mission for this chapter:

Using the website below, answer the following question.  After perusing the covers and chapters of various books, what types of stories were in these books, besides Tom’s pirates and robbers? (Give at least two different types.)

P.S. Remember all the treasure Tom and Huck found?  Here's a fun fact: $12,000 dollars in 1844 would equal $355,000 in today’s world!

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